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Deborah A. Weaver

Deborah A. Weaver Painting "Navajo Indian Chef"
Photo by World Wide Photo

Deborah A. Weaver was the typical child that loved to doodle things and color things at a very young age. Deborah's desire to advance her skills developed during her high school years while attending Hampshire High School, Hampshire, Illinois. Deborah, with her love for art, great desire, and positive attitude, moved forward to produce beautiful works of art.
Deborah went on and attended Elgin Community College & majored in art. After college Deborah studied at the Joan Dartflinger Art Studio, with Joan, then went on to study at the Tony & Friends Art Studio. While at Tony & Friends Art Studio Debroah worked as the childrens art instructor.
Deborah received her "Certified Art Teacher" certificater from the Alexander Art Corp. in Salam, Oregon.
Deborah has donated time at the Dundee Township Park District, as the senior citizens oil art instructor.
Over the years Deborah's love for art has become her number one passion that she wishes to share with others. To do this Deborah created her art business, "Painting Lady 1".
Deborah exhibits her works throughout the local area of theFox Valley in Illinois in judged exhibits and solo exhibits.

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